Vandal Resistant Street furniture, vandal resistant litter bin, waste bin, dog waste bin, notice board, vandal resistant bench, vehicle control bollards, barriers, gate and fencing ironmongery, wheely bin, hinge, pad bolt, Barrel barbecues, oil drum incinerator, vermin / animal trap, galvanised bucket, plastic dust bin, rubber dustbin, galvanised dustbin, galvanised container ,basket & lots lots more.

They may cost a little more but by using very heavy gauge hot dipped galvanized steel, which can be powder coated to most standard B.S. colours, larger section treated timber and maintenance free rot proof recycled plastic, Our products are simply designed and built by us to last a lifetime. Furthermore Our vandal resistant products really are virtually indestructible, simply designed, never to be wrecked, ravaged or replaced. Don't confuse any of Our manufactured products within these pages with the so called competition, Ours are simply designed and built by us to be stronger and to last much much longer.

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Smithy Lane, Holmeswood, Ormskirk, Lancashire L40 1UH England



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