The Brow Farm Buckwheat Sleep Pillow. We started selling buckwheat pillows five years ago. Or we should say the Buckwheat pillows started selling themselves! Here's why. A large number of people who buy a pillow from us do so because someone else as told them how much a buckwheat pillow as improved their quality of sleep. From a better sleeping position which helped them get a better quality of sleep. They woke up feeling refreshed and more relaxed. With less aches and pains. Pillow Design. One of the first things we are asked about our pillows is "is it all natural" The answer to that is yes. With a 100% cotton case filled with 2.9kg of 100% Organic buckwheat hulls. We used to make the case a little shorter, but people said they did not fill their pillow case cover's. So we made them longer (standard UK pillow size) Then buyers told us our new size pillows needed more body. So we made them 3kg. But this was to much so we tried 2.9kg and we think the pillow now as the right heigh nand body to it. WHY BUCKWHEAT? The hulls are the outer case of the buckwheat seed. This was once a by-product from the making of buckwheat flour. But now so many people have heard how this pillow can help improve their quality of sleep that we now product buckwheat hulls for the soul use in the Brow Farm Buckwheat Pillows. The buckwheat is cleaned and graded to the highest standards. To remove all the flour and dust from the hull case. Buckwheat seed is the shape of a pyramid and when it is rolled to remove the flour it splits down one of its corners. Then as it it is flatted the flour is loosed and it falls out of the seed when it is sieved leaving the Buckwheat Hulls. Because of the shape of the seed it does not stay flat after it as been rolled. (As the oats do that you make porage for your breakfast from.) Buckwheat springs back to its pyramid shape. So when they are put in a pillow case they all lay deferent ways so leaving gaps around each other for air to circulate. It does this with the heat from your head as the air in the top of the pillow warmers it rises and pulls cool air up from lower in the pillow. Buckwheat moves to conform with the hollow of your neck to place your head level with your spine promoting ideal posture. This can help with a variety of ailments including insomnia, headache, irritability, stiff neck and sluggishness. Because the pillow conforms to the head, neck and spine, extra comfort is realise that epitomises the sleeping position. This is done by the buckwheat hulls in the pillow as they conform to the shape of your head and neck by moving out to the side of the pillow so making a hollow for your head to rest in. Unlike a feather, foam of fibrefill pillow which compresses under the weight of your head so stopping the free flow of cool air around and under the skull. Users claim that they experience relief from tension, muscle pain, headaches, stress, snoring and other problems associated with sleep apnoea. WILL IT HELP ME SLEEP? A big problem for many people is they get to warm in bed. We all know that there is nothing nicer than being as (snug as a bug in a rug) when we are in bed. But how hard it is to get a good nights sleep on those hot summer nights, and now even in winter with our houses being so much warmer with central heating and those supper warm continental quilts. THE BROW FARM BUCKWHEAT PILLOW. WILL IT HELP WITH RESTLESSNESS? Many people have told us that when using our buckwheat pillow they awaken in the same position as when they fell asleep. This is in part to do with the hollow you make in the pillow to rest your head in. When we move in our sleep our head starts the movement, but if it is held in the pillow like an egg in an egg cup then this helps reduce movement of the body. Also the weight of the pillow helps stop it being moved when you are sleeping. Using the Buckwheat Pillow. The Brow Farm Buckwheat Pillow is not like any pillow you will of slepted on before. The pillow is not soft and fluffy it as been designed for your head to lay on it not to sink into it. Most other buckwheat pillows are made to use with your regular pillow (because They are made small) Our pillow is made the same size as a standard UK pillow. The key is your individual preference and comfort. By nestling your head into the pillow, you will find that it forms a contour that provides support to your head and neck allowing for a more relaxed sleep. The Brow Farm Buckwheat Pillow comes packed in a Plastic Bag. The Brow Farm Buckwheat Pillow is 66cm x 42cm (24 inches x 18inches) in size. The Brow Farm Buckwheat Pillow is supplied with full instructions for you to get the best use out of your new pillow (YOU SHOULD READ & RETAIN THIS).

The NEW Brow Farm Buckwheat Mattress is filled with 100% natural buckwheat hulls.

Coming soon the New Brow Farm Buckwheat Mattress

If you are intrested in this product please let us know contact

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