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A popular member of the Brassica (cabbage) family which is increasing in popularity. It is believed to have originated in the Mediterranean regions. In addition to the white cauliflower, green and purple types are now also available. Cauliflower is normally boiled. However, it can also be served raw or lightly cooked in salads. It is low in fat and calories. There is also Romanesco, which has a yellow-green pyramid-shaped curd with a milder, sweeter flavour than the white. They are eaten when the heads are small.

Picking the best:
Buy heads that are firm -not quite fully developed - with clean white stalks. Avoid 'blown' woolly heads, speckled patches on the curd or limp leaves. Yellow curds are caused by to much sun, rain or frost - but the flavour should still be fine - disguise the colour with a sauce. Green or purple cauliflowers should always be bright in colour.

13 Cals/100g raw, 9 Cals/100g boiled. High in fibre, more nutritious raw, especially high in Vitamin C, also rich in potassium and a source of protein, phosphorus and calcium.

Nutritional Value/ 100grams Cauliflower raw


88.4 Grams


3.6 Grams


0.9 grams


3.0 grams

Vitamin C

43 milligrams

Vitamin E

0.22 milligrams

Vitamin A

50 Micrograms


66 Micrograms


0.7 milligrams

Energy Value K cal

34 or 142 KJ

Vitamin B

0.28 milligrams

Dietary Fibre

1.8 grams


0.6 milligrams


Trim outer leaves ans stalk, wash well. If cooking whole, cut a cross in the base of the stalk. Or separate into even size-florets. All colours can be served raw. The spiky turrets of Romanesco and the purple heads look stunning with dips, in a salad or as a garnish.

Boil. Add lemon juice - to keep the colour - and a bay leaf to take away the cooking smell. Cook till just tender. Green cauliflower will keep their colour when boiled and cook more quickly than white. Purple varieties lose colour in water but retain some if steamed. Outer leaves ans stalk can be lightly cooked.
For more recipes go to CAULIFLOWER Recipes

1 cauliflower between 4-6 people.

At their best:
Eat on day of puchase or keep wrapped in clear film in the salad drawer of the fridge for 2-3 days.

Grading & Packaging:
Packed in face pack trays of 6, 8, 10, 12 or 15 each per tray or packed two deep in boxes , depending on the size of the head of the cauliflower.

Store in cool dry place.
Optimum temperature 1 at relative humidity of 90-95%.


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