FULL INDEX PAGE CONTENT: Welcome to P. Caunce and Son Brow Farm web site we grow harvest, wash, grade and pack many vegetables, salads, cereals and root crops. All to the highest standards.(potatoes, carrots, leeks, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, celery, Brussels sprouts, lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, peas, beans, cucumber, parsley, radish, Sweetcorn, spinach, onions, parsnip, beetroot, asparagus, leeks, turnip, swede, tomato, pumpkin, marrow, fennel, endive, barley, wheat, oats, oilseed rape,Potatoes, carrots, wheat, lettuce, leeks, cabbage, onions, barley, broccoli, cauliflower, barley, oats) and many other crops. We grow fresh vegetables, salads, cereals and root crops. For the whole sale and retail markets around the country. On this site we hope to show you how we grow, harvest, grade, prepare and pack the crops we sell. We are also FRESH PRODUCE BROKERS. So if you don't see what you want, contact us and we will find it for you. P. Caunce and son specialize in growing, harvesting, washing, grading, preparing and marketing fresh vegetables, salads, root crops and cereal in the UK. We are also grain merchants as well as produce brokers for wholesale and retail supplier's around the country. Import and export is now becoming a fast growing part of our business. Potato, carrot, cabbage, lettuce, leek, cauliflower, broccoli, celery, onions, barley, wheat, oats, oil seed rape and much more. All grown, graded and packed to the highest standards. If you don't see what you want, contact us and we will find it for you. We specialize in washed potatoes and carrots. And many other vegetable, salad and root crops. 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Love Lies Bleeding | Aster - Princess Giant | Bells Of Ireland - Flower | Calendula - Pacific Beauty | Cosmos - Picotee | Cosmos - Sunrise | Daisy - Zulu Prince | Echinacea Angustifolia | Echinacea Purpurea | Evening Primrose - Sundrops | Love In A Puff | Maltese Cross - Scarlet Lightening | Marigold - Cracker Jack | Marigold - Magnificent Mix | Mole Plant - Euphorbia Lathyris | Nigella - Love In A Mist | Sage - Texas Hummingbird | Straw Flower | Sunflower - Amber Eyes | Sweet William | Nicotiana Alata - Scented Tobacco | Zinnia - Cut & Come Again | Tarahumara | Amaranth - Golden | Lemon Sunrise | Basil - Thai | Chamomile - German | Cilantro - Coriander Herb | Dill - Sweet Bouquet | Fenugreek | Hyssop | Catnip | Lemon Balm | Penny Royal | Mullein - Verbascum Olympicum | Parsley - Forest Green | Summer Savory | Skullcap | St. Johns Wort | Basil - Genovese | Basil - Sweet Green | Milk Thistle | Basil - Cinnamon | Superior Licorice | Parsley - Survivor Italian | Basil - Lemon | Bean, Snap - Bountiful Stringless | Bean, Bush - Yellow Wax | Bean, Dry - Black Turtle | Pole Bean - Kentucky Wonder | Bean, Fava - Sweet Lorane | Beet - Lutz Winter Keeper | Broccoli - Early Green | Cabbage - Jersey Wakefield | Carrot - Scarlet Nantes | Celery - Giant Red | Chard - Green Swiss | Corn, Sweet - Golden Bantam | Corn - Hopi Blue | Corn, Sweet - Hooker's Indian | Corn - Luther Hill | Corn - Rainbow Inca | Corn - True Gold | Popcorn - Wisconsin Black | Cucumber - Northern Pickling | Cucumber - Perfection | Cucumber - Soo You Burpless | Kale - 1000 Headed | Kale - Black Tuscan | Kale - Red Russian | Bean, Snap - Giant Romano | Bean, Bush - Anazasi | Bean, Bush - Pinto | Pole Bean - Oregon Giant | Pole Bean - Violet Snap (trionfo) | Bean, Fava - Aprovecho | Beet - Detroit Dark Red | Brocolli - Di Cicco | Broccoli - Raab | Carrot - Red Core Chantanay | Kale - Georgia Collards | Kale - White Russian | Orach - Purple Savoyed | Tomato, Paste - Red Rock | Leeks - Giant White | Lettuce, Romaine - Little Gem | Lettuce - Outredgeous | Lettuce, Butterhead - Butterking | Lettuce, Leaf - Continuity | Lettuce, Butterhead - Four Seasons | Lettuce - Pirat | Lettuce, Butterhead - Red Deer Tongue | Lettuce, Butterhead - Tom Thumb | Lettuce, Leaf - Black-Seeded Simpson | Lettuce - Prize Head | Melon, Casaba - Annanas | Melon - Ha-Ogen | Melon - Iroquois | Canteloupe - Sweet Granite | Onion - Red Wethersfield | Onion - Walla Walla | Hot Pepper - Cayenne | Sweet Pepper - Cal Wonder | Radish - Cherry Bell | Radish - French Breakfast | Radish - German Round Red | Radish - Miyashige Daikon | Salad Greens - China Choy | Endive - Wild Garden | Salad Greens - Mizuna | Mustard - Green Wave | Mustard - Mizspoona Mix | Mustard - Osaka Purple | Mustard - Tatsoi | Cress - Persian | Cress - Wrinkled Crinkled | Spinach - America | Spinach - Bloomsdale | Zucchini - Black Shelled | Squash, Summer - Golden Scallopini | Squash, Summer - Cocozelle Zucchini | Squash, Summer - Yellow Crookneck | Squash, Summer - Yellow Custard | Squash, Winter - Argentine Primitive | Squash, Winter - Blue Hubbard | Squash, Winter - Butter Cup | Pumpkin - Connecticut Field | Squash, Winter - Delicata | Squash, Winter - Green Hubbard | Pumpkin - Jack-O-Lite | Squash, Winter - Red Kuri | Squash, Winter - Sweet Dumpling | Squash, Winter - Truly Hokkaido | Squash, Winter - Waltham Butternut | Tomato, Cherry - Chadwick | Tomato, Cherry - Yellow Pear | Tomato, Slicer - Burbank | Tomato, Slicer - Double Rich | Tomato, Slicer - Peron Sprayless | Tomato, Slicer - Willamette | Tomato, Slicer - Yellow Brandywine | Tomato, Paste - Black Plum | Tomato, Paste - Ropreco | Tomato, Paste - San Marzano | Turnip - Purple Top | Watermelon - Early Moonbeam | Watermelon - Ruby Gem | Watermelon - Sugar Baby | Lettuce, Butterhead - Blushed Butter Cos GP | Lettuce, Leaf - Winter Density | Lettuce, Romaine - Rouge D'Hiver | Lettuce, Butterhead - Rouge Greneblouse | Arugula - Roquette | Chicory | Chives, Garlic America | Onion - Egyptian Walking | Hutterite Bean | Lambs Quarters | Bean, Bush - Whispering Native | Pepper, Sweet - Nardello | Squash, Summer - Woods Early Prolific | Lettuce, Leaf - Salad Trim | Zucchini - Golden Bush | Leek - Hilari | Leek - Kajak | Bean, Soup - Swedish Brown | Cabbage - January King | Peas - Sugar Pod II | Tomato, Cherry - Peacevine | Kale - Red Ursa | Lettuce, Butterhead - Green Deer Tongue | Lettuce, Leaf - Antares | Lettuce, Leaf - Hyper Red Rumple Waved Leaf | Onion - Southport White | Tomato, Slicer - Super Sioux | Fennel - Bronze | Golden Purslane | Lettuce - Lobjoits |
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Welcome to Brow Farm were we hope to show you some of the fresh vegetables, salads and root crops grown at Brow Farm. Why not have a look around this web site to see how we grow some of the food that ends up on your table. (Potatoes, carrots, wheat, lettuce, leeks, cabbage, onions, barley, broccoli, cauliflower, barley, oats, wheatgrass.) and much more.
Nadine POTATOES are a second early, producing high yields of uniform attractive tubers, especially at maturity. They have a  good resistance to bruising, common scab skin spot and potato virus Y. Resistant to potato cystnematode Ro1 and partial resistance to Pa2/3. They have a low dry matter contentwith firm cooking texture, and a good boiling quality. Wiyh no after cooking discouloring

Thank you taking the time to look around our web site. If you go to our online store you can see some of the things that we can offer you today by ordering online. We are always growing and developing new ideas that we hope to be able to offer you first vivre the web site. So please take a good look around our farm and some of the things that are going on day to day.

If you use 0.5 tonne or more of potatoes a week we may be able to supply you.
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