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Dean Smith and Grace Centre Lathe
1910x60, year 1977
Tapor turning Attachment & Fast traverse
Fixed & Traveling steadies
Quick release tool post & tailstock.
Attachments for tool post, Travel stops
Three & four jaw chucks, sliding chuck guard with view window.
This Machine is in very good conduction.
Southport, North of Liverpool
Mobile: 01704 821553


3 phase Air Compressor
30cfm + 300-400 litre tank 15hp 350-415 electric motor
needs to go to good home 280.00 (cannot deliver to big)

East Midlands

All machines are wired up and can be seen working in St.Austell in Cornwall.
1. Guillotines 6 foot and 4 foot 250 each
2. Folders from 80
3. Welders including mig and spot welders from 50
4. Rotary Presses 50 each
5.Fly presses from 30
6. Hydraulic presses - Phone for details.
7. Volstatic powdercoat system and oven 1000
8. Vacuum injection machine 700
9. Sedgwick 6 foot by one eighth power folder 250
10. Iddon rubber extrusion machine 200.
Contact: Peter Goodwin

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