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Welcome to the Second hand farm and agricultural machinery page. On
To advertise on this site just click on the link above
To advertise on this site just click on the link above

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Corn drills

Combines & balers
Fertiliser applicators
Forklifts & Teleporters
Grading and packing equipment
Root harvesters
Seed bed tillage equipment
Tyres & wheels
Vegetable harvesters
Vegetable & salad planters
Vegetable sowers
Vehicles, 4x4s & commercials
Work shop

If you wish to advise contact t. 07976563232 or email sales@browfarm.co.uk with all details

  • Advertising is a free service, but we reserve the right not to post any advert we deem unsuitable content for the site.

  • There is no fee for advertising.

  • The editor or advertising manager reserves the right to accept or reject any ad and to edit ads to meet requirements or space limitations.

  • Advertisers must limit their ads to 30 words or less. This includes first & last name of advertiser (NOT farm name), complete address and phone number area code.

  • Ads will be published in one section only.

  • Only two ads per individual, household, same mailing address or telephone number will be accepted. These ads must be under separate classifications.

  • All "For Sale" and "For Rent" ads must have a price or price range.

  • Stud service must also include a fee.

  • The ad deadline is the first working day of the month prior to publication at noon. For example, if you want your ad to be published in the July issue, we must receive it by noon the first working day of June.


  • wild animals or wild and domestic mixed animals, etc.
  • Advertisements from any commercial establishment or dealer. Included in this category are dealers in real estate, farm machinery, livestock, feeds, seeds or fertiliser, commercial nurseries, pet shops, puppy farms, kennels and antiques.
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