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For the first time last year we bred cameos, pied cameos and silver pied in both pure and split cocks to sell from the farm. We hope do have more of the same this year, but like we say “don’t count your peachicks before they hatch!

This year by popular demand we have used pure white peacocks with all our Indian Blue peahens. So all this years Indian Blue chicks are carrying the white gene which is great when your peahen comes of the nest in 2018 with a white peachick mixed in with her Indian Blue chicks.

White peafowl displaying his tail at Brow Farm PeafowlSo take a look around the site, maybe at the 
descriptions and pictures of the peafowl we breed. Or if your thinking about getting your first peafowl have a look at  Are Peafowl For Me Page where we’ve asked some questions that you should be asking yourself and we’ve given some honest answers why you could have peafowl or more important, maybe why peafowl aren’t suitable for you. If your looking for new stock or some different coloured birds. Check out our birds for sale page.

The 2016 breeding season now well underway. Our birds are now starting to lay. We put our first peafowl eggs in the incubator this week 15th May and our first Crowitazer and Wild Turkeys 2 weeks before that.
We are using white cocks with all our indian blue hens this year. This will mean that this years young will carry white genes and will show this in the young they have when mature.

New transport boxes
We are now even more sure our peafowl will get to you in the best of health and not stressed. You can purchase our transport boxes on our online store if you need to transport peafowl or any bird or animal.

Peafowl Transport Box

Peafowl Transport Box