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Brow Farm Peafowl are based in West Lancashire. Just inland from Southport.
Take a look at the peafowl and other birds we have for sale right now.
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White peafowl displaying his tail at Brow Farm PeafowlLet me start by saying happy 2018 to you all.
The 2017 peafowl breeding season was a good year for us. Leaving us with a good number of peafowl for sale right now. Including Indian Blues, whites, Black Shoulders, Pied Blues and even some spauldings.

Our incubators, setters  and hatchers will be running from the end of this month. That’s January 2018. Hatching customers eggs of mainly hens and bantams with some call ducks this early in the season. Still a little early for peafowl eggs! Feel free to contact us about any poultry, waterfowl or game eggs you’d like hatched by us or even just to ask about our prices.

All Our 2017 hatched Indian Blues & Black Shouldered peafowl (1 year olds) are once again carrying the white gene which is great when your peahen comes of the nest in 2019 with a white peachick mixed in with her Indian Blue chicks.

So take a look around the site, maybe at the descriptions and pictures of the peafowl we breed. Or if your thinking about getting your first peafowl have a look at  Are Peafowl For Me Page where we’ve asked some questions that you should be asking yourself and we’ve given some honest answers why you could have peafowl or more important, maybe why peafowl aren’t suitable for you. If your looking for new stock or some different coloured birds. Check out our birds for sale page.

Martin Caunce

New transport boxes
We are now even more sure our peafowl will get to you in the best of health and not stressed. You can purchase our transport boxes on our online store if you need to transport peafowl or any bird or animal.

Peafowl Transport Box

Peafowl Transport Box