Bobwhite Quail

Bobwhite quail are on our breeding list at Brow Farm. This year we will not be selling large numbers of them.

Bobwhite quail are relatively small ground dwelling gallinaceous (chicken-like) birds. Adults stand six to seven inches (14-17 cm) in height and typically weigh about six to seven ounces. The male’s upper parts are reddish-brown, while the belly is pale and streaked. Bobwhite Quail CockThere is a white stripe above the eye and white patch framed in black on the throat. These patches are caramel-colored on the females. The bobwhites will live in coveys (flocks of two or more families) but a trio of birds is best suited for an aviary if sharing with other birds. Their name derives from their distinctive whistle (“bobwhite”). These birds are great to have running around in the bottom of your flight or aviary. They’ll eat seeds that get dropped on the ground (but will need good quality game pellets to keep them in good condition)  They have a great call and I really don’t know anyone that does not like the sound they make. 

Bobwhite quail are not native to the UK so should not be released into the wild. We have had birds escape from the pens in past years and they have stayed around the farm all winter and gone on to rear young the following spring and summer. So we know they are will suited to handling the British weather all year round if they are given shelter to get out of the cold winds and driving rain.

We sell the Northern Bobwhite Quail. These wonderful little birds are great flyers, delicious eating, excellent for training your hunting dog, and just fun to raise. They mature in 16 weeks and dress between 7-9 oz. They will have started laying eggs by 24 weeks and are prolific layers. Bobwhites can be put with other types of quail after arrival. Quail are either shipped by our couriers or you are welcome to pick them up from the farm. Please open and inspect your shipment on arrival. They will usually arrive on Thursday or Friday. These Quail are becoming very popular and are a delight to raise.

We now have birds for sale.

Priced at £7.00 each.

At the moment we our best deal on shipping quail is £50 for 1 to 10 birds. Then £10 for every 10 birds after that.



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