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Please read below before contacting us about peafowl or any of our other birds.

You can contact Brow Farm Peafowl  by phone or email. Martin will see if he is able to assist you with any problems you may have or about any birds he may have available. He does not charge for phone conversations because he ready does want to see if he can help you with any Peafowl problems you may have. But please remember peafowl don’t pay the bills so please read the Peafowl Information pages on this and other websites before contacting him. (If you get him on an off day he has been known to quiz people to see if they have read the web site or just the phone number!!) We are by no means saying all you need to know about peafowl is on this web site or that he knows all there is to know about these beautiful birds but what he often finds is that 2 heads are better than 1 when it comes to working out any problems you may be having with your birds. Martin says “When I’m having a problem, with my birds and I can’t find any answers in books or internet I then phone a friend! For me that’s Harry, but I only phone him after I’ve tried all other sources of information first. ”

Also please have a look what birds we have for sale before you fill in the form below. If it says we have sold out of that breed, then we have and asking if we have it does not make us able to conjure one from  thin air. How ever you are welcome to ask us to save your details and contact when we have what you want.

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Martin Caunce,
Brow Farm,
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To talk to Martin after you have read the web site! then call him on.
Tel:07976 563230