A fold flat animal/bird transport box designed by and made for Brow Farm Peafowl

Brow Farm’s own Peafowl Transport Box

For delivering peafowl within the UK you need to work on £60 for the first pair then £10 for every bird there after. Places a little more off the beaten track may cost more for the first pair.

We do deliver up to Inverness, but due to the time it takes to get there we are not able to offer a door to door service. So all birds will need to be collected from Sainburys car park in Inverness. You’d need to make arrangements to be waiting when your birds arrive.

We are once again able to deliver peafowl over to Ireland you need to work on £60 for the first pair then £10 for every bird there after. Birds collected will need to be collected from the The Coachmans Inn Restaurant Airport Road | Cloghran, Dublin at a prearranged time to meet the van. 

We only use dedicated small animal couriers. The safety and well being of the birds is my first concern for any birds that leave the farm. So they must go direct from us to you. Deliveries are made the week following payment for the birds. The welfare of the birds is my main concern at all times.
For this reason we’re sorry to say that getting birds to you on Saturday morning at 8:00 for mum to see when she gets up in the morning on her birthday is not something I can arrange.

IF WEATHER CONDITIONS ARE NOT GOOD FOR TRANSPORT OF LIVE BIRDS I.E. TO COLD OR TO HOT THEN I WILL NOT SEND OUT BIRDS AND RISK HARMING OR STRESSING THEM IN ANY WAY. I’m sorry if this means you will not get the birds the week after payment is made. If you are not able to wait for better weather that is more suited to birds being kept in a box while in transit we would be more than happy to cancel your birds and give a full refund.

You are welcome to come to the farm and pickup your own birds or make arrangements for birds to be picked up from the farm.


You must phone Martin the night before you are due to pickup any birds, and again when you are about to set out on your journey to us.  This is due to people saying they are coming to pick up birds then not turning up.

We will box up the birds ready  for when you arrive. You would get four boxes in the boot of your car so no need to come in a lorry!

We are able to hold birds for up to 2 months at no extra cost. After this time a weekly rate for boarding your birds would apply. Ordering birds at six weeks of age then only picking them up 2 weeks later will not mean you would pick up 8 week old birds. The frase “you get what you paid for” applies.


  1. Claire Ferguson May 8, 2014 8:31 pm  Reply

    Extremely interesting read

  2. marie January 27, 2015 6:42 am  Reply

    i like to know what is availible to buy

  3. Kayleigh Spalding February 6, 2017 11:25 am  Reply

    Hi Martin,
    I was just wandering if you have any Spalding peacocks and hens available at the moment?
    We have 2 Indian Blue peacocks and 1 hen at the moment and would like to increase the group with some more females. We would also be interested in any other breeds you have available if you don’t currently have any Spaldings.

    • Martin Caunce May 3, 2017 7:37 pm  Reply

      Please have a look at our birds for sale page to see what we have available right now


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