Black Shouldered

Blackshoulder peafowl are a very common and widespread mutation. The males do notBlack Shouldered full tailed peafowl with his black shouldered peahen differ much from the India Blue, but the hens have a much different appearance.

Type of mutation: Blackshoulder is a pattern mutation, and is found in all major color types.
Peacock Coloration: Males look much like those of the India Blue, except that instead of having shoulders of black and white barring, the shoulders are completely black with a bluish-green sheen.
Peahen Coloration: Hens look quite different than India Blue hens. They are basically white in color, with much black present on the bird in splotches, and a reddish-tan patch present on the neck.
Peachick Coloration: Peachicks are light yellow when hatched, with buff or peach wings. As the chick grows and matures, the male will become significantly darker than the female, and develop much like the India Blue, except for the shoulders, which start out white and do not completely change to black until its second year.
Origin: Black Shoulder was the first variety to appear besides the natural India Blue and Green subspecies. It is dated back to 1823 in Europe, and the 1830′s in America. It is one of the most common types with breeders and is often used to carry newer and more rare genes.
Do they breed true?: Yes, black shoulder peacock x black shoulder peahen will produce 100% black shoulder chicks.