Indian Blue

(Pavo cristatus)
Indian Blue Peafowl are the most well known peafowl and the most commonly found here in the US. These were the birds that the early civilizations looked upon as treasure and transported throughout their known world. Today they are the least expensive to purchase and are a good choice for the beginning peafowl raiser or breeder.
Peacock Coloration: India Blue peacocks have a blue chest, neck, and head, with green and gold feathers that appear to change colors depending on how light hits them, with “eye” spots of bronze and “peacock blue.” Their shoulders are light and dark stripes of brown, not solid black like those of black shoulders.
Peahen Coloration: Peahens are much more drab than the males. They are a brownish-gray color with a cream underside and some greenish irascent coloring on the neck.
Peachick Coloration: Peachicks rather resemble wild turkey poults in size and coloration.
Origin: Indian Blue peafowl are found in the wild in India and its surrounding areas such as Burma, Java, and Malaya.
Do they breed true?: Yes, since Indian Blue is a species and not a mutation they always breed true.Indian Blue Peacock with an Indian Blue Peahen