What do Peafowl Eat?

What do Peafowl Eat? is a question I’m asked on a weekly basic.

Wild peafowl in India have an omnivorous diet, anything from seeds, greens, insects and small reptiles and peafowl that are allowed to free range in the UK will scavenge for many things on their own. They should, however, be supplied with food at all times. Different types of bird pellets and grains are some of the options, but check around locally to see what is available. I provide my caged birds with a pellet mix I have made up game bird feed like which they seem to enjoy. Peafowl also need at least 20% protein to be healthy and reproduce well. (This number is debatable. I have seen some peafowl enthusiasts suggest as high as 32% protein, while some get by with lower. Twenty percent seems to be a safely agreed upon middle ground.) Dry cat food is a great source of it, but dry dog food also works, however it has less protein and many dog foods contain not animal protein at all. I have found that birds getting animal protein seem to breed better. During the summer, free ranging fowl and ones that have large pens with lots of vegetation can get most of their necessary protein from insects and other bugs that they eat. However, in winter, some type of protein supplement is especially necessary. I used to feed my Peafowl on Turkey starter, grower and breeder pellets and did for many years, but now we have a higher protein mix made with animal protein. I will be offering the food I use on our online store in the spring. Peafowl will also eat a number of other treats and table scraps, you can experiment in small amounts to see what your birds like. My peafowl like occasional treats of sweet corn, apples, lettuce and wheatgrass. If peafowl are on raised pens, you should provide them with vegetation as well as grain. Clean water should also be provided at all times, and special medication can be added to it to prevent different diseases.