Heated wheat bags are absolutely incredible! If you are prone to tummy aches and pains, or if you feel the cold and like to use a hot water bottle, then you HAVE to try a lavender wheat bag!! Wheat bags have been used as an alternative therapy for many years. Wheat has a unique cellular structure which absorbs heat or cold quickly and release it evenly. This makes a wheat bag a wonderful and safe alternative to a hot water bottle, and the relaxing and calming properties of lavender are well known so there is nothing better to soothe and relax you!! They are also perfect for children when they are poorly to help them feel better and sleep easier. Simply heat in a microwave on full heat for 2 minutes or cool in the fridge. Wheat bags have also been known to help with Arthritis and Aching Joints, Sprains and Strains and Menstrual Pains. Our wheat bags are packed individually in plastic bags attractively labelled so they are ideal as gifts. Filled with treated wheat and real lavender seeds (many wheat bags are only fragranced with lavender). We also sell lavender essential oil to refresh your bags so they will last forever! Full instructions included.
The Physio Wheat Bag Range has been designed to treat specialised complaints such as Whiplash, knee injuries, back pain and joint disorders. The unique design of these products enables them to deliver soothing warming heat to the exact point where it is required, without impairing the users mobility.
Ears of wheatLower back painHead achesRelaxing night sleep

The wheat sold on this web site is from Brow Farm.
We concentrate on providing quality wheat for use in our products.

The perfect gift for all ages.Our hot pack wheat bags and cold pack wheat bags give pain relief for backs, bones, joints, muscles. Ideal for back pain, cramps, arthritis and rheumatism.

The Physio Wheat Bag Range, has been designed to treat specialised complaints such as sports injuries, knee injuries, back pain and joint disorders.

The Multi Purpose Wheat Bag Range, is a versatile pliable wheat bag with or without lavender for a wide range of everyday complaints.

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Do not over heat the Wheat bag as this will not make it any more effective or long lasting. Follow the manufacturers heating instructions, which is usually 2-4 minutes on high in the microwave. ALWAYS place a glass of water in the microwave with the wheat bag. This replenishes the water content in the grain, maintains the effectiveness of the bag as a hot pack and prevents the grain drying out. Watch for signs of over heating eg. an over-cooked odour, smell of burning or charring and in extreme cases, smoking. These all indicate that irreversible grain deterioration has occurred. It is advisable to safely dispose of the Wheat bag if these signs are observed. Leave the Wheat bag to cool after use on a non-combustible surface. Store only when cool. Check that your wheat bag covering is 100% cotton, which is fire retardent.
All the wheat used in the products on this site is provided by P. Caunce & Son


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